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May 2014 The Story of Vision's Expression..............

I looked up at my single solitary blossom to greet it, in May of 2014 and inhale the essence of the blossom and I lightly touched the bloomed petal gently as to preserve it every possibility to stay upon the tree for the longest amount time to reflect it's individual, unique solitary beauty, which captivated me far more then the full bloom of the tree's splendor in all of her glory. This quite, single solitary blossom, spoke into me volumes. Volumes so loud, I looked up and noticed the branch surrounding the blossom, was shaped exactly like an awareness ribbon. Mother and I both had/have Crohns disease. 
Of which she passed from Crohn's Disease on October 19, 2011. ....sigh....she went home to be with the Lord with Crohn's used as the method to bring her home. She had a bleeding ulcer, that wasn't caught. Crohn's took my beautiful, vibrant, full of life mother. But, Crohn's took her into the Lord's loving arms and wiped her every tear, took all of her sickness and her disease. The following photo was taken on the night of her wake. My sister went outside to the deck and ran in and said there's angels dancing in the sky, run out and look into the clear night sky.....
The photo is legitimately what my sister saw that night was captured by a local professional photographer, also capturing the captivating sky of the northern lights dancing....This photo was purchased roughly a month or so later, who knew the night lights were lit up and dancing so vastly that night. The image below was taken that night.....Psalms 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord, the death of his saints.  Angels come to celebrate us home. He takes every tear, He's bottled your every one, your every one, no single solitary tear was ever overlooked that ever dripped down the face without being bottled by His love. The photo are the Northern Lights in Angelic Form welcoming her home. Also, upon this very night, and amazement. Jesus wipes away our tears, takes every sickness and every disease. My mom, Pauline Butler had 40+ Crohn's Vet, and developed pancreatic cancer. A bleeding ulcer took her home into the everloving arms of Jesus. Note also in the "angel" the section in the garment that is "see thru" the spiritual fabric does not continue completely remain threaded together, but the parts and areas of location of no shown garment, are where her gall bladder, pancreas, Majority of small intestine resection. No large intestine and interestingly enough or uterus. This just really blessed me, especially years after noticing the depth of the remnants of the garment that are already gone, because her sickness is gone,, all these ares of illness, are no more. Healed, whole before the face of the Lord.

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Idea for visions came from mom after WAC fell apart. She told me to just make my own, i know what Im doing. I was like uh, nope i really don't know quite that much! But technically in Dec 2013, I did just that. I forget it was her that was the one to say it, and encourage it, and really promote me toward doing it. Then she passed away from Crohn's I  I wrote through her passing, at first in general then here on Vision's Expression. She envisioned it before I could ever place as a concept in prayer. I love you Mama! You ENVISIONED my EXPRESSION, you thought you couldn't help me write. The site is exactly what you envisioned for me to do then, though I lacked the skill and knowledge of web this entire Vision's Expression site was birthed within my mothers Spirit, to me, when I was too timid to place poetic pieces for sale in a local store, though I had the full backing of the owner, she said then about the site. I didn't start this until Dec 29, 2013 so technically Jan. 2014....She passed 2011, prior to any of this. ©
                                                                                                   Seasonal Awareness from my Apple Day off of my deck! So blessed.

Thus, Seasons of Awareness, The Nature of Awareness, in my Apple Tree

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 ~Becky Butler Connell

Emphysema Encouragment
I also have emphysema and it's a beautiful representation to me of the struggle to breath. The lungs and bronchi extending into the Alveoli, Which is the place in the lungs of .The colors she used hold much meaning for me.

Green is for growth, sprouting and blossoming. Purple for Crohn's and Pancreatic Cancer awareness. Blue for the times in life when the exhale is difficult to find. Yellow is for the Sun/Son.I am not going to crop it Mary Jo I like it as it is...Art is subjective and each one interprets through their own filters and experiences. I don't know what you are making Mary Jo, but it's beautiful and difference for each one of us to interpret. Your blessings bless others. ~Becky (Painting by Mary Jo Ritchea-Larez)

Enjoy the interlude, and stillness of Quiet that is so desperately needed, in order to sense directions ©

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