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Dragon Slayer

Posted by Becky Butler on December 24, 2019 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (55)
Again, with you shouldn't be sick because it's Christmas backlash. As if holidays are an exemption from pain and sorrow. I think this does a disservice �?? encouraging masks and fallacies about the depths of one's true nature. I have pain every day, there's nothing I can do to avoid that, believe me, if there is I'd be standing on my head drinking water upside down if that worked. But sometimes God doesn't assuage the ache, and He allows the pain to remain. Will Him, we blame, the One who can help? Do we run away from the Solution, or do we go to Him, the Difference Maker, the Way Maker, The Barrier Breaker, the Pain Taker, who won't change His nature like a traitor, for our God is a dragon slayer!

Resting before My King

Posted by Becky Butler on December 19, 2019 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (77)
There is nothing to take to assuage my ache, It is you Lord, that I continually chase and feel and find my way before Your throne to lay at Your feet and receive my healing called as Your own. Be that in moments, minutes, days, spans, or permanency. I'm grateful for the temporal relief, I'm humbled at the presence of this so weighty. Heavy to carry, this burden I'd like to bury, in the sand far away and act like its not an issue, but this disease cannot be wiped away with a tissue. It stays, stands, staunch and raw, consuming me from the inside out. So I go and stand before my King and I sit and receive my blessing, which is resting in His presence...........becky butler

When we "fail" to meet the bar of healthy.............

Posted by Becky Butler on December 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (46)
Does anybody struggle with other's notions of "Christians can't be sick; there must be sin issues.". Judgemental, hurtful thoughts of others who 'mean' well but just end up being well, 'mean.' I need Oxygen to live, To live. I also have Crohn's that is very active and draining. I write my way through into the Presence of the Lord and then let Him have His way in my life. I vowed to write about the ups and downs of life with Chronic Illness, and I am being judged harshly by those I love for "glorifying" sickness. But God can do what I cannot and make the way where I cannot. When I see doors closed, He opens the ones I need and keeps locked the ones I don't, As I don't need more struggles. Lord, keep me. Does anyone else get "beat up" by their loved ones and others for being quote "sick?' ........I have to defend my going to the doctor and the fact I need oxygen. This is a necessity but is viewed as skewed by my healthy and not so healthy loved ones. I see God more in my chronic nature of need and dependency than when I could do all on my own without. He will hold my hand the whole way that I'm sick, and NOT hold it AGAINST me. That's not who HE is. The Lord does for me when I cannot, and in Him, I rest and cast my lot. Knowing He will care for my every step, every breath, every moment on the way to dance before my King..........................................becky butler

The Intricacies of a Life Well Lived and Well Loved.

Posted by Becky Butler on December 16, 2019 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (83)
Envision your Expression. Express the Vision. Vision's Expression. Writing for pictures helps me to shape the ebb and curb the flow of the oration that arises within me. I want to flow as a musician who knows his instrument and is comfortable picking it up and playing. Writing is something I've always done to get through.

Thurs November 21, 2019

Posted by Becky Butler on November 21, 2019 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (1)
I've been in pain for weeks. Unending. Unrelenting. Continual. But I also have been consuming artificial sweeteners, which I figured a little won't hurt me. Boy, was I mistaken. I bought a new laptop to do some writing, reading studying. So I'm trying to make use of the levels of pain I am in and continue on my path into healing. Guess I got a lot more accomplished than I thought. Published Intimacy of Intercession found pages I needed on there. I ordered a new bible today and Im glad to have the good book back in my hands. Ive been using my bible software but sometimes you need to curl up with a cup of coffee and the good book. Im nobody who wants to share Who God is and What He's done for this chick right here and what he can do for you. Oceans of tears collectively seasoned with the Salt of the Earth. It may be hard to fathom and difficult to process, to allow anything past the lump in our throats of missing you, For you continue to beat in each of our hearts. Embrace the Lord in all things, as all things reside within Him and is bestowed graciously upon us, as a gift from Him. Thank you for allowing the incredible to grace so many. I know you at times acquiesce to the exhaustion that fully encompasses the depth, width, and height of love's overwhelm. Tears are free to flow, and separation tho temporary is painful. God knows the need of your heart and Spirit. The secure shoulder of His embrace. Individually and collectively we can walk in and exude such grace; especially in regard to others who may be unbeknownst to hurting. Your voice, your message, your truth may be held in the Lord, allowing Him to enable the expression of light as His Spirit that lies within each of us, and transforms our communities. Love, the imprint of which I want ever within my Spirit. That I make walk in the graciousness, and live in the fullness of life, that God holds. New visions, new dreams, new songs, new praise. As He is ever the same, yesterday, today and forever. Don't limit God by leaving Him in yesterday; and the yesterdays of life. It's kinda moot, He can heal the residue of your yesterdays, refreshing today, enlightening your view, and revealing your purpose in Him that only you can fulfill. Prayer is an absolute. It establishes and shapes the landscape upon which we live. It clarifies vision. Pain remains near and ever present. Though, we happen to have a friend who sticks closer to me than my brother would. As I lay all of the things that burden me at His feet. So that I can then rest fully in His lap. As He always holds my hand, and has a firm grip upon me and my life, and He carries me through. Always © Becky Butler 2012

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